JSC "UNICHIM & EP" company is one of the oldest research institutes of chemical industry of Russia that was established in 1930. Currently the company forms a part of the "Rostec" Russian State Corporation.
The "UNICHIM & EP" company consists of the Scientific Research Institute that comprises research laboratories for a new chemical technologies and products development for the Russian military-industrial complex and for non-military applications, and an Experimental Plant where the new chemicals get produced. The company has a plenty of patents, licenses as well as ISO certification.
As a part of the Russian State Corporation, our main clients are such corporations as ROSATOM (Nuclear Energy Corporation), ROSCOSMOS (State Space Corporation), and others. The production is also widely presented worldwide. Our regular customers are located in Europe (France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey), Iran, India, Japan, USA, etc.
In regard to a product line, we offer the following:
- Boron amorphous
- Boron crystalline
- Boron nitride
- Boron carbide
- Titanium diboride (TiB2)
- Chromium diboride (CrB2)
- Barium borate
- Barium chromate
- Boron oxide
- etc.
These products are well established and widely used by Defense and Civil sectors worldwide for a long time.




Директор:Lasychenkov Yury
Сфера деятельности:Production of chemicals