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Ural State Medical University (USMU)
The Ural State Medical University was founded in 1930. Today it is a large science and education center where around 5000 undergraduates and postgraduates undergo the degree programmes in Preventive Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Work and Clinical Psychology; the internship programmes in 31 specialties, residency programmes in 61 specialties, and post-graduate studies in 42 specialties.
The degree programmes in General Medicine and Pediatrics are accredited by the Agency of Public Education Quality Management and Career Development. Along with the degree programmes in Dentistry and Preventive Medicine they are included in the rating of the best educational programmes of innovative Russia.
The following departments and centers provide and maintain the high level of education in the Ural State Medical University: the Department of Information Technologies supporting e-Learning and distant education, Center of Practical Skills with electronic simulation equipment, Central Science Research Laboratory, science and education center “Perspective”, vivarium, University Library, and dental clinic. There is also the Scientific Society of Young Researchers.
The Department of Extracurricular Activities joins the Council of Undergraduates and Postgraduates, volunteer union, Council of Hostels, Center of Leisure Activity and Aesthetic Education, and Sports Club. Thus, it provides students with ample opportunity to have interesting and exciting life allowing them to develop personality, creativity, and professional qualities. The teaching staff maintains and develops pedagogical and research traditions of medical science schools of the Ural State Medical University. Many university graduates have become significant state figures, heads of hospitals and medical institutions, and outstanding researchers in various fields of medicine well known both in Russia and abroad.
The Ural State Medical University is a recognized center of medical science. Its advances and achievements influence regional innovative development. Researchers of the Ural State Medical University collaborate with the Russian Academy of Science in the Ural region, Federal Scientific Institutes of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, foreign institutions and organizations in the USA (Boston, Washington, New-York, Harvard, and Cambridge), the Netherlands and other countries.

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